Why Has the Metaverse Captured So Much Attention Recently

Why Has the Metaverse Captured So Much Attention Recently

As humans, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Recently, the concept of the metaverse has gotten everyone hyped: from tech giants and enthusiasts to scientists and economists⁠—everyone seems to be interested. And whilst some still have doubts, the metaverse economy is predicted to reach $13 trillion by 2030, leaving little to no room for doubts about its credibility.

DecentWorld, a solid Swiss metaverse platform, has also experienced high volumes of interest in the digital experiences it offers; the team has recently reported having sold $19 million worth of digital real estate NFTs in just two months after its launch. In light of these successes, the creators behind DecentWorld shared their thoughts on the further development of the metaverse.

One Immersive Interoperable World

What is the next big thing? In ages past, it was the helix, or the printing machine, or the steam engine. Recently, it has been the breakthrough of blockchain technology, the introduction of web3, NFTs and metaverses.

Now it becomes a question of combining all the newest tech solutions which, when put together, form the metaverse–a vast, real-time, interchangeable, interoperable virtual world full of digitized experiences and new ways to generate yield. 

"No wonder there is so much hype around the concept of the metaverse - it is our future. Today we are using the internet, but each platform there is closed off, the data is separate, the ownership of the content is almost never in the hands of the user. 

The metaverse will change that, it will be one real-time, simultaneous and interoperable platform where each individual holds ownership of their own data, identity and assets, and more will be able to make use of it too,” - the DecentWorld creators say.

A Next-Generation Economy

Another major catalyst for the excitement is the idea that the metaverse will form an entirely new economy, one with its own labor market and a wide array of opportunities through which one can earn interest. Anyone that is forward-thinking knows that this might as well be one major basket to put some eggs into as the numbers are promising.

“Today we already have users paying six-figures to secure virtual real-estate NFTs. The further into development we get, the more advanced the metaverse will be⁠—and the more valuable its assets,” the DecentWorld team explains.

Currently, on the DecentWorld platform, anyone can acquire and trade digitized real-world Streets as NFTs, and gain certified ownership of them. Soon users will be able to combine these Streets into Collections – unique sets of themed Assets that will stand as separate NFTs and generate interest.

“NFTs will be only one part of the economy. Our plan for the future is to open up APIs, allowing businesses and other developers to plug in their products and services, to buy, rent or sell virtual spaces. 

The possibilities will be limitless⁠⁠⁠—from 3D shopping sprees and attending concerts, to having virtual offices or watching sports matches, and more. From there it’s only a question of imagination,” the DecentWorld creators say.

Choosing a Metaverse Platform Wisely

However, with vast possibilities come bigger risks. DecentWorld’s creators note that one should not simply give into the hype for the sake of giving in⁠—it should be a calculated decision.

“In the age of digital wastelands, it’s important to choose wisely. DecentWorld, for example, is a controlled environment, meaning each step is carefully crafted by our in-house developers. We ensure top-quality solutions every step of the way, our economy is based on our internal tokens, and the entire business is backed by Swiss quality and proven experience in the field,” the team outlines.

Contrary to many other metaverse projects, which are built purely by their users, DecentWorld increases its value by investing in quality, and developing a controlled environment using so far only their internal team. By laying a strong foundation, the creators of DecentWorld believe they will open up more doors for future integrations and will be able to provide more value to the end user.