Vaccinated Chicago Teens Can Have Their Portraits Minted as NFTs

Vaccinated Chicago Teens Can Have Their Portraits Minted as NFTs

The state of Chicago has announced that from now until the end of May, it will allow vaccinated youth who took part in the ‘Face Forward Project’ to print their own NFTs as part of COVID-19 prevention efforts. 

Chicago Teens Can Mint their Portraits as NFTs

The NFTs are being minted as part of the ‘Face Forward Project’Chicago’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign which encourages youths to get vaccinated in order to protect their future.

The Chicago municipal government explains that the mission of the project is to reward young people who have vaccinated themselves against the COVID-19 virus.

The Face Forward Project

The integration of NFTs into the project was inspired by the theme of the youth project’s anthem, “One of One.” Original portraits of each of the participants were taken by famed Chicago photographer, and the recipient of the 2021 ‘Mayor’s Medal of Honor‘, Sandro Miller. 

Youths who decide to have their portraits minted as NFTs can do so using NFT multimedia platform ‘VAST’. Just as each portrait is one of a kind, so too will the counterpart NFT. 

Each NFT will contain an excerpt from the hit single by Chicago-born, two-time Grammy Award-winning artist and producer Keith Harris, “One of One.”

On the Flipside

  • As the bear cycle extends, the floor prices of NFT projects across the board have taken massive hits, dropping approximately 50% on average.

Why You Should Care

This marks a new use case for non-fungible tokens, which are steadily gaining ground in the health and lifestyle spaces, with the ultimate goal being mainstream adoption.