Top BTC Whale Spends $90M Worth of BTC Amid Market Fall

Top BTC Whale Spends $90M Worth of BTC

  • A Bitcoin whale spent $90 million coins, irrespective of the crypto market fall.
  • The wallet holder spent BTCs in less than a month.
  • This wallet ranks third by the number of BTC it holds.

Despite the global market plummeting downwards, a Bitcoin whale spent $90,000,000 worth of BTC. This rich whale splashed millions in less than a month when all the cryptocurrencies including BTC were in a bearish state.

In detail, this wallet stands third among the top Bitcoin holders and purchased nearly 3,015 BTC in the past three weeks. However, at the beginning of May, the top richest non-exchange BTC wallet had 124,052 BTC. Later on, it bought more BTCs holding a number of 127,067 coins in the past three weeks.

Significantly, the BTC whale sold the coins only once in May, which is a batch of 1,500 BTC. This hoard of BTCs is worth approximately $90.6million, considering the time of writing.

As revealed by IntoTheBlock, a crypto analytics platform, many whales added Bitcoin to their wallets, in spite of the crypto sell-off. Also, the platform r …