This unknown play to earn games could have significant potential

Play to earn is by far one of the most exciting new frontiers in crypto. After the massive success of Axie Infinity, newer more exciting projects in play to earn are steadily coming out. But why would you even consider this niche? Here are some reasons:

  • Play-to-earn games are now combining NFTs as part of the process.

  • The rise of augmented and virtual reality could make a play to earn games bigger.

  • A lot of institutional investors are also checking out P2E games as future investments.

Well, for those of you looking for small and relatively unknown P2E games in crypto, the list below should be ideal:

Thetan Arena (THG)

Thetan Arena (THG) calls itself an eSport-based game that combines multiplayer functionality and virtual reality. It allows users to form teams and battle other teams for in-game rewards.

Thetan Arena has so far managed to attract over 23 million users. It also remains significantly undervalued, with a market cap of less than $30 million.

Pegaxy (PGX)

Pegaxy (PGX) is a small and relatively under-the-radar play-to-earn game that allows players to earn and create real value from the game. The blockchain game is free to play and largely involves mech horse racing within a metaverse. 

Pegaxy uses a dual token system. On the one hand, there is the PGX which is the main governance token for the platform. There is however another in-game utility token called VIS. As of now, Pegaxy has a market cap of less than $3 million.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds (TLM) is more of an NFT-powered metaverse that includes a P2E gaming element. The platform allows users to earn NFT rewards as they compete in a simulated virtual economy through various planetary worlds. So far, the project has seen its market cap rise above $50 million, and more growth could still come in the future.

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