Notcoin Listed on CoinMarketCap: What’s Next?

Telegram’s tap-to-earn project Notcoin ($NOT) was listed on CoinMarketCap as of the other day. There is no information yet on the project page, other than the “Probably Nothing” text in the about section and the “420 NOT” value stated as the self-reported circulating supply.

Notcoin listed on CoinMarketCap

What is Notcoin $NOT?

Notcoin is a project created by Telegram on November 13, 2023, which we can call tap-to-earn or play-to-earn, where you can get in-game $NOTs by clicking on the token on the screen through a Telegram app, but as of April 1, tap-to-earn process ended, leaving great statistics behind.

In a 3-month period, 35,197,397 people, corresponding to 0.44% of the world’s population, mined Notcoin ($NOT) by clicking on their screens exactly 8,887,738,144,901 times. These figures show how great the interest in the project is.

On the Notcoin Telegram channel, which has more than 6 million subscribers, they published a survey in which they asked members at what rate the in-game $NOTs should be converted into real $NOTs to be launched, and as a result of this survey, it was decided to give 1 real $NOT in exchange for 1,000 in game $NOTs. This would not affect the price of the token at the time of launch, this rate was preferred just to make it easier to calculate.

The launch date, which was intended to be on the same day as Bitcoin Halving, that is, 4/20, was postponed to an undetermined date because it was intended to be launched when it was completely ready.


In the post shared on the Notcoin’s Telegram channel, it was stated that tokenomic would be like this:

Total Supply: 102,719,221,714 $NOT

Miners and vouchers: 80,219,221,714 $NOT (78%)

New users and the next phases: 22,500,000,000 $NOT (22%)

It was also stated that there will be a lot of burning by earning, trading and playing.

Deposits Opened on Bybit

$NOT deposits have been opened on Bybit, the 2nd largest crypto exchange by volume, and this development is a sign of a possible listing. Additionally, according to rumors circulating on X (formerly Twitter), there is a possible partnership between Notcoin and OKX.

Notcoin deposits opened on Bybit

Price Prediction

We are talking about a Telegram-backed project involving with the 0.44% of the world’s population and a partnership between Bybit and OKX. Therefore, all these data point us to a project with a bright future. Although it is quite difficult to predict the price, we can make some predictions based on the stated total supply and $TON, another token of Telegram.

$TON currently has a market cap of $19.6 billion, making it the 9th largest token. Although it seems impossible for Notcoin ($NOT) to approach this value, at least in a short time or unless a mega bull occurs, if we assume that it can have a market value of $1 billion in the short term, which the data shows us is possible, we can see that the token price would be approximately $0.01 by simple mathematics. This also shows that if you earned 10,000 $NOT in the game, you will earn around $100.

As we mentioned, all these predictions do not represent reality, the values may be much higher or lower than our prediction, we will all learn this together in the future. However, we must say that Notcoin ($NOT) has really attracted a lot of attention and is sure to make a name for itself in the crypto market.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.