Non Fungible Token (NFT) Artist Andrea Bonaceto to transform Oxford Street


One of the world’s most successful NFT artists, the Italian contemporary artist and blockchain pioneer Andrea Bonaceto, will be taking over Flannels’ flagship store on Oxford Street from 16th May with a new interactive installation of his work titled AB Infinite 1. The artwork represents an interactive snapshot of Andrea Bonaceto’s life in the eternal cycle that goes “ab infinite” (Latin for “from infinity”) to the origin, symbolised by the number “1”.

As an interactive digital installation AB Infinite 1 invites members of the public to become artists themselves, encouraging viewers to alter the digital artwork through a specially designed AI (Artificial Intelligence)

mechanism. Andrea’s purpose-built AI collects viewer interactions online through social media channels and turns these reactions or suggestions into visual responses which then appear as part of AB Infinite 1. This represents a new user-friendly form of AI, which does not require the user to be a software specialist or coder in order to manipulate it. Those viewing the installation on Oxford Street, will be able to watch as AB Infinite 1 morphs in appearance as people interact with the piece on social media.

To make this even more ac …