Microsoft Warns Users To Defend Wallets Against ‘Cryware’

Microsoft Warns Users To Defend Wallets Against 'Cryware'

  • Microsoft warns users of an emerging threat targeting online cryptocurrency wallets.
  • The company lists the threats that encompass Cryware.
  • According to Microsoft, users should cross-check every piece of data before transaction.

Microsoft coined Cryware on Tuesday, which refers to the theft of virtual currencies through fraudulent transfers to adversary-controlled wallets, while addressing the malware threat that’s focused on stealing cryptocurrencies,

Cryware are information stealers that collect and exfiltrate data directly from non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, also known as hot wallets.

Berman Enconado and Laurie Kirk of Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team mentioned in the company’s new blog post that “because hot wallets, unlike custodial wallets, are stored locally on a device and provide easier access to cryptographic keys needed to perform transactions, more and more t …