Kucoins’ One-stop NFT Marketplace Windvane Holds Series of Welfare Activities for Users


    • KuCoin prepares to launch the decentralized NFT Marketplace titled Windvane.
    • The platform also announced the launch of its brand-new Genesis NFT.
    • KuCoin has become one of the top 5 crypto trading platforms with over 18 million users.
    • Windvane holds a Series of Welfare Activities for Users.

KuCoin has officially announced the launch of a decentralized NFT Marketplace named Windvane. The new platform will provide an NFT launchpad, mint, trade, management, and many other services for users. KuCoin is a top 5 crypto trading platform with over 700 coins and 18+ million users worldwide.

The KuCoin team states that it is committed to creating a comprehensive and highly compatible platform that will openly support mainstream NFT blockchains. Windvane will also offer support to help projects conduct NFT initial sales. Moreover, users can select any NFT on the KuCoin cross-chain aggregator. Thereby, Windvane is poised to become a one-stop shopping destination for the world’s top NFTs. 

“Compared with other NFT Marketplaces, Windvane focuses on the core pr …