Global Game Demands Global Currency as International Hockey Players Turn to Crypto for Payment


Justin Azevedo knows that the grind of the game on the ice is often nothing compared to the increasing hassle of getting paid while playing the global game.

“I need to have financial independence and know that despite playing internationally my finances are always with me,” said the Zurich Lions (NL) standout.

As individuals and companies around the world continue to bring crypto transactions into the mainstream, professional hockey players like Azevedo are increasingly turning to crypto as their preferred form of payment, embracing its ease of transfer and the financial independence that comes with it.

As Azevedo (and hundreds of players like him) will tell you, the modern game requires its top talent to travel from country to country several times a year. That means payment methods need to be nimble and unburdened by border restrictions or needless banking delays.

Just ask Jayce Hawryluk of Skelleftea (SHL). After transferring to Sweden, he was forced to wait weeks for his sign-on money to arrive in Canada before being able to enter Sweden and join his new team, missing valuable practice time pre season.

“With borderless systems like blo …