Getty Images to Launch First NFT Collection on Candy’s Marketplace

Getty Images to Launch First NFT Collection on Candy’s Marketplace

Stock photo giant Getty Images has decided to enter into the world of NFTs. Getty Images has a massive collection of 465 million pictures, including over one hundred rare analog photos. The main goal for the firm when entering the Web 3.0 space is to turn rare archival images into NFTs, thereby reaching a new audience.

The first Getty Images NFT sale will be held on the Candy marketplace. It should be noted that Candy has previously secured partnerships with the Major Baseball League, WWE and NASCAR. The NFT sale will run on the Palm blockchain, which is an art NFT protocol made by ConsenSys. Moreover, the Palm blockchain is compatible with Ethereum.

Candy Digital CEO Scott Lawin is thrilled to have the opportunity to experiment outside of the sports world with the new partnership, and is looking forward to offering the world NFTs with cultural and historical meaning.

‘Trending Photography’ NFTs on OpenSea

Currently, photography NFTs are starting to set the tone, taking the reigns from the big names of the NFT market. While most revenue is made from the likes of Bored Apes, CryptoPunks and Okay Bear, big names in the photography world are already making their mark in NFTs. Pedro “Aimos” Vasquez, Elise Swopes, Cath Simard and several other well-known photographers have sold NFTs for at least a couple of thousand ETH. Seeing their rising popularity, OpenSea now has a ‘trending photography’ page.

Palm Blockchain Offers a Greener Way to Mint NFTs

The Palm blockchain, powered by ConsenSys, allegedly uses up to 99% less energy that the Ethereum Mainnet. The blockchain, which surfaced only last year, is already compatible with MetaMask. However, there doesn’t seem to be a massive market of photography NFT enthusiasts. Most NFT sales continue to be in relation to the metaverse and gaming, but art NFTs have a promising future in the long run.