Ethereum Hits $250 Billion Mark: Is $3,500 Within Reach Already?

Ethereum Hits $250 Billion Mark

  • Ethereum boosted its market cap to over $250 billion.
  • ETH 2.0 is soon to launch its other phases this year.
  • Ethereum might reach the bullish price of $3500.

Ethereum, the crypto asset seated next to Bitcoin, boosted its market cap to over $250 billion. This huge amount of funds has contributed a lot to the total market cap of the entire crypto-verse.  Currently, the space’s total market cap amounts to almost $1.4 trillion.

This made crypto enthusiast Watcher.Guru react in a tweet post,

The tweet continues to gain an audience in the crypto Twitter space. In fact, it already has over 2000 likes and is still rising. …