How Gate․io Grew to Become One of the World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges – 9 Years Retrospective is one of the longest running secure exchanges in the world and over time, surpassed 10 million users worldwide. To mark this milestone, the exchange is launching a rebranding and a sweepstake with $9,000,000 in prizes! Read on to find out more about what makes such a success and what the team has in-store for users as part of its 9th anniversary.’s Journey to Business Legend

Founded in 2013, is one of the longest-running secure exchanges in the world. Subsequently, it has grown to offer over 1400 cryptocurrencies and become a platform that provides a wealth of trading services to its users. Its portfolio of products includes Startup that allows users to invest in projects early, NFT Magic Box that allows the creation and trading of NFTs – something trendy right now, GateChain, its native blockchain system, and Gate Ventures, the venture capital investment division.

One of the several secrets to’s success is that it was one of the first to build a comprehensive solution for users on one platform – an ecosystem of digital assets. To date, has grown and gone through a developmental curve, updating itself and gaining several achievements based on courageous innovation, being user-centric, and focused on global market improvement. Its wide range of product and service offerings has also led to the rise of the platform’s popularity, with the platform surpassing 10 million users.

2020 was a crucial year for because achieved much critical growth. Knowing that the global crypto market was expanding incredibly quickly, launched Startup in January 2020 to give investors around the world a convenient way to come across hidden gems and strike it lucky on the ‘next big thing.’ Startup is’s very own Blockchain Projects Discounts platform, and with the platform, users can gain early access to new and innovative projects. Many success stories have been listed on the platform, with users seeing high ROIs.

In March 2020, GT – the native token of GateChain mainnet, was upgraded and formally became the exchange token for – renamed ‘GateToken’. In May of that same year, the company became the first mainstream trading platform to offer 100% margin audit certification. One of the core problems regarding crypto exchanges is transparency, which primarily involves the proof of reserves. Customers need to know and confirm that the service they are using does hold 100% of their funds. came up with a smart solution, utilising the Merkle tree approach to give customers the ability to verify that entirely holds their fund. The 100% margin audit certification service offers users a sense of relief and security that they are investing safely. Gate uses an independent and cryptographically verified audit to help with the audit process and to reassure users on the platform further.

Some of the other milestones in’s journey have been:

  1. The launch of the DeFi ecosystem and labs incubator program by GateChain – a high-performance permissionless blockchain in February 2021, allowed more blockchain projects to deploy their contracts on GateChain’s interoperable ecosystem successfully.
  2. In May 2021, GateChain mainnet officially supported the EVM smart contract module.
  3. NFT Magic Box – a creation and auction platform built to be the finest NFT trading platform for mintage, creation, promotion, and auction; was launched in June 2021 during the 8th anniversary of
  4. In September 2021, launched Gate Ventures, an early-stage crypto venture capital fund.
  5. And in January 2022, exceeded 10 million users worldwide.

Ninth Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate’s ninth anniversary, a ninth anniversary celebration will kick off in mid-May. Along with a series of celebrations to give back to users, the brand will also receive a major upgrade.

A Brand New Look for will reveal a revamped brand identity for its logo, slogan, and colour scheme, reflecting the culmination of nine years of digital asset innovation since founded in 2013. has matured to offer a more inclusive, integrated, and unique experience with a wealth of digital asset services for over 10 million users. The rebranding also marks the beginning of a new chapter for in the rapidly evolving and growing crypto economy, which frequently sees the platform reach the second-largest daily trading volume in the world.

Easier Than Ever to Trade on’s Apps

Alongside its new brand identity, will launch a notable update to its mobile app that will allow users to opt for a “Lite App” version within its flagship app, offering streamlined and simplified in-app transactions for crypto trading of more than 1,400 coins, tokens, and other digital assets. In addition, the Lite App’s cleaner, more user-friendly interface makes it even easier for new and existing users to invest and trade quickly and efficiently as they can access a suite of features for different crypto assets on the go.

Celebrate with

To kick off the 9th birthday festivities, users can take part in a series of exciting contests and promotions, with a total of US$ 9,000,000 in prizes. The Gold Bar campaign on Twitter, which launches on May 18th, gives participating users the chance to win a prize pool worth US$50,000 in tokens, and one lucky winner will win a 999 gram 999.9 gold bar. will also be hosting NFT and trading contests for its users as part of the celebrations.



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