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Bitcoin All Time High (ATH) History 2013-2023

The Change in the Price of Bitcoin by Year

Bitcoin, a currency that has been moving in a wide price range since the day it was invented, has seen 5-digit numbers from single digits. Although it cannot exceed the highest price value in the year it left behind in some years, it continues to increase continuously in the broad picture. In the year 2022 we are in, it has not yet surpassed 68K, the highest Bitcoin price level of both last year and all time. Let’s look at the last 10-year chart of Bitcoin price in this article and make a brief analysis year by year.

2013 – $1,205

2013 was a year when Bitcoin was seen as something bad in a way that is not yet known to the majority and does not know that there is a currency that will shake the whole world in the years ahead of them.

2014 – $1,093

People’s ideas about Bitcoin were progressing steadily until the hacking incident in March 2014. Mt. Gox, the Japan-based company known as one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges of the time, faced a very heavy hacking attack that would lead to the closure of a company worth $460 million. This attack has caused people to think that their views on Bitcoin and crypto are moving in a negative direction and therefore their assets cannot be safe. Despite all this, the Bitcoin price has not experienced much of a down compared to the year it left behind.

2015 – $492

The heavy hacking attack in 2014, which has been left behind, may have shown its effect on the Bitcoin price this year. The 2015 high was less than half the year’s high it left behind. This price down was perhaps one of the first and biggest drops that investors faced, apart from the outside audience, investors were now starting to have bad feelings towards Bitcoin due to the price down.

2016 – $982

Hacking incidents in crypto did not end, in August 2016, there was a hacking attack that resulted in the theft of exactly 119,000 Bitcoins by hackers and wrote its name on the pages of history as the big Bitfinex attack. Investors were beginning to doubt the safety of their assets, but contrary to expectations, the Bitcoin price continued to rise, albeit slightly.

2017 – $19,870

With the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin had started a non-stop rally that would last until the end of the year. Bitcoin, which has gone from about 1,000 dollar levels to almost 20,000 dollar levels by the end of the year, is causing its investors to win and was teaching lessons to people who think badly about it.

2018 – $17,252

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the highest level of 2018 was 17K, Bitcoin dropped to 4K levels late this year. Bitcoin was almost taking back the money it caused its investors to earn last year. Investors’ money was nearly gone, and 2018 would be remembered as the bear season that represented big dips. In addition, the Coincheck and Bitgrail hack attacks, whose losses totaled over half a billion dollars, also damaged the price of Bitcoin and people’s thoughts on crypto.

2019 – $13,929

Despite the start of a new year, the losses and sorrows of the investors continued. Although there was an increase in the price of Bitcoin towards the middle of the year, most investors were still at a loss and there were big losses. Meanwhile, the awareness of cryptocurrencies was increasing, the number of crypto exchanges was increasing and it was starting to gain ground in the world.

2020 – $29,298

In 2020, despite the hacking attack on the KuCoin exchange, which will occur in September and result in a loss of $285 million, Bitcoin has displayed an increasing graphic performance throughout the year. Now, people’s bad thoughts on Bitcoin were almost gone, and most corporate companies were starting to get interested in cryptocurrencies.

2021 – $68,990

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are now known by the whole world, big companies like Tesla were starting to buy Bitcoin. The whole world would see an unprecedented increase in history, which would last until May. In addition to those who made a lot of profit from Bitcoin, there were 100, 200 and even 300-fold increases in tokens other than Bitcoin, that is, tokens called altcoins. Investors were in a dream and wanted it to never end. By the end of the year, Bitcoin was going to go pretty badly, if not too badly, but altcoin investors had taken the biggest loss since May. Investors woke up one morning and saw their assets down 50% and maybe more.

2022 – $48,199

As of May 2021, almost all tokens, including Bitcoin, have caused and continue to cause their investors to experience a very painful and highly volatile process. Investors are faced with a market that is more uncertain than ever before and is affected by even a leaf tossed by the wind. Even though the year 2021 holds the Bitcoin high record for all time, the vast majority think they can see a record again in 2022, we will see it all together.

2023 – $31,818

Investors, who were hit hard by Bitcoin in May and June of 2022, pinned their hopes on 2023, but they were unaware that 2023 would not be a very heartwarming year for them. Bitcoin, which fell to the level of $15,000 towards the end of the year, increased slightly at the beginning of 2023 and managed to reach the levels of $30,000 in the middle of the year. While it is worth $29.176 as of July 25, 2023, this is not yet satisfactory and the targets are to exceed last year’s ATH of $48,199 this year.


  • macofcrypto
    Posted May 3, 2022 9:26 pm

    10 years summed up quite nicely! Well written and to be fair, 2022 isn’t even half way over!!

  • Johnny Terry
    Posted May 4, 2022 8:15 am

    i guess 2022 will be good season for bitcoin

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